Heartfelt thanks to our many adopters who have given amazing forever homes to our Westies in need.
You're the BEST!


Enjoy reading about a few of our success stories.



sun dog - noun

(as defined by merriam-webster)


1:  parhelion

any of several bright spots often tinged with color that often appear on the parhelic circle —also called a
sun dog

2:  a Westie rescue from Florida being adopted
in Maine


In Maine, the weather never fails to surprise and December 2015 proved no different. In fact, Christmas Day boasted a record-breaking high of 62°. And with nary a snowflake to be found, we were all dreaming of a white Christmas, but settled on the beige/gray that nature chose instead to display. We tried to get over our lack of snow by tuning in to the endless Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel, but tv can only go so far to set the Christmas mood. And of those wishing for snow, there was a very specific two hoping for a Westie-white Christmas.


Four Days after Christmas, a blizzard was coming!!!

And so was a Westie named Lily!!!!


Weathermen (cozy in hand-knit sweaters) delighted in telling us “up to 7 inches” of the white stuff!!! You could just about hear the snowplows revving their engines in anticipation.


And that wasn’t the only engine revving. Lori from Westie Rescue called.


"Let's do this!"

"It's go time!"


The excitement of blizzard put us both into action, we'd meet in the middle, between Lori in New Jersey and myself in Maine.


During the drive, I thought about impending storm and our newest family member, Lily. On the tail end of her journey from the Sunshine State to Maine, Lily would be experiencing her first-ever snowfall, and a storm to boot! I was excited and nervous all at the same time, letting the rhythm of the road lull any apprehension I had. Suddenly, before my eyes, a sun dog appeared in the crisp blue sky. Blindingly beautiful, it guided me for most of the drive, fading only when the sun dipped below the horizon, twilight twinkling in its place.


The blizzard came as predicted, and Lily, our own little sun dog, plowed through the snow with all the gusto of a true Mainer, completely unfazed by the white stuff. She’s been a complete joy! Her sunny disposition makes everyday brighter, no matter the weather!


















We got our white Christmas after all, it was just slightly delayed, but it came with a wagging tail. Thank you Westie Rescue of New England for bringing us Lily. We love her!

Kelly + Rosie
Kelly and Rosie were both rescued by Westie Rescue of New England. They went on to do great things spreading love and putting smiles on many faces of the needy and sick through the therapy dog program they became part of.



Kelly lived in a puppy mill and only knew a life of breeding.  When we took her in her skin was raw and she spent three days at the vet hospital...one could feel the heat from her raw skin just standing next to her.  Even in her discomfort she was the sweetest dog and everyone loved her.

Rosie was found in a field near the highway in
NYC and taken to animal control.  She had been abandoned...she had very little hair and also had
a bad skin infection.


Her skin felt like leather but all she did was lick our faces all the way home from the shelter. Kelly and Rosie both got the medical attention they deserved and went on to thrive.  Proper food, daily baths and dedication turned them both around to become all they were meant to be...wonderful therapy dogs.

Kelly + Rosie were the inspiration for our logo
and exemplify the true meaning of rescue.

They spent their lives together as sisters and were adopted by the Stone family getting all the love and attention they deserved.


Kelly and Rosie both became registered therapy dogs with Caring Canines Visiting Therapy Dogs and over the years visited many facilities and hospitals in the Boston area. Kelly has now made her trip over Rainbow Bridge but her sister Rosie

continues visiting with Caring Canines spreading much love and joy to this day.



Long Island Louie
Louie was a little boy saved by another rescue and placed many times before he landed with Westie Rescue of New England. When we picked him up, Louie had sores all over his body because of major skin allergies. He also had a secondary allergy in his eyes, which were crusted shut. This allergy was never properly taken care of and caused Louie to lose his sight. After many months under my care, Louie’s skin was in good shape and his hair was growing back. Unfortunately, Louie’s eyes were too far gone. I came to realize he was actually blind.


But that did not stop Louie.


He loved being with the pack, especially his new Alpha sister Miss Daphnie. Daphnie and Louie would always find a way to get in trouble together. Daphnie would hunt for the skunks and Louie would be there to help. Unfortunately, Louie could not see and always got sprayed.















Louie ended up bonding with me, and we were quite inseparable. He loved to play ball and was extremely stingy with his toys. But when we went to bed at night, he was the first one there.


Louie brought 4 years of happiness to our home. But sadly we lost him to kidney disease.


But Louie, like so many others that never left rescue, brought so much joy to us. Our other rescues Trixie, Wizard, Benny and Dorothy all have special places in our hearts. And we are so glad we were able to share them all in our lives.

We received Fred from a shelter in New York. He could barely walk and had a lump on his neck with an open wound on it. We fed him, loved him and had him checked by our vets.


None of us were quite sure how old Fred was, but we knew he was not in good shape. He had major atrophy in his rear legs, and it was all he could do just to stand. But he had a great appetite and seemed to do better and better every day.


Once Fred was strong enough we had the lump removed from his neck and from then on he seemed to thrive! He was running and playing and just loving his walks.


Sadly, Fred developed a cough. We took him to
the vet and a tumor was found on his left lung. At Fred’s age surgery was not an option. Fortunately, prednisone seemed to remedy the cough. Fred stayed with us for a little over a year until finally
his little body just could not go on anymore.


We lost Fred that February. His foster dad was quite devastated. He met with a pet communicator to see if he could talk with Fred. The communicator told the foster dad that Fred was at peace and happy and would be the inspiration behind Westie Rescue of New England. We think about Fred every day!

Thank you for inspiring Karen, Jackie and Myself. These have truly been the best years of our lives.

Jakey Doodle

Jakey Doodle as he is affectionately called was rescued by WRNE...we have taken in many breeds but he was the first dachshund that came to our door...and what a love!


Jake was very underweight.  We could count the ribs sticking out of his sides.  He needed good food, medical attention and a home...he was about 6-7 years old the vet thought.


Jake went to live with his two Westie sisters Kelly and Rosie who adored him....he was suppose to be fostered until a family was found...but he never left!


He was home.

Dorothy and her breeding partner, The Wizard, were in a puppy mill, they had been used for breeding for 6 years. We purchased Dorothy and The Wizard, at an auction in Springfield Missouri, in hopes that their breeding days would be over.


They were shipped up to us in Boston. Both Dorothy and Wizard had no real human contact over the years, and the little contact they had was abusive. Both dogs were petrified and would not come out of their crate. At the dirty puppy mill, both Dorothy and Wizard were left outside in the cold and in the hot weather. Dorothy’s left ear was frost bitten and permanently folded over. Sadly, Wizard was treated so badly he had ulcerative colitis and developed colon cancer.


We lost Wizard a year later.


That day, I made a promise to Dorothy that her suffering would be over. She would be part of our pack, and would be loved—something she never knew.


Dorothy has now been with us for 5 years. She is one of the most pleasant dogs we have ever brought in. She loves all other dogs, never rolls her lip, but is always there for some love and belly rubs.


I feel blessed to have her in our home with us. And every time I look at that sweet innocent face, it reminds me how awful it can be for some of these dogs. I sometimes wonder if she remembers her past and her pain as a mill dog. I pray that when she goes, she will  remember all of  the love, love that we shared together with our pack, and the love she shared with the other less fortunate dogs that moved on to other homes.


You Hold A special place in our heart Dorothy. You, and The Wizard who we will never forget.      


Westies from Korea

One year ago, I was asked to help save these two from a Shelter in Korea. SO a quick phone call to Gary and an immediate yes lets make it happen. There were many hands at work to coordinate this, getting their medical records and immigration papers in order, finding foster families in Korea then finding couriers to fly with them on the flight to NYC. Finally the big day leaving Seoul for USA and NYC. Although Jerry and Mei Mei didn't know each other in Korea they became fast friends here at my home in NJ. My boys Bennett and Jay helped bridge the gap of language and culture. I am thankful to the Schurgers and the Scholls for being open to an international rescued Westie. I am sure they will post here the joys that Jerry and Mei Mei have brought to their lives. Happy one year gotcha day! Happy forever lives! It was an honor to rescue you and find you a forever home.

The Tale of a Forever Foster


It was May 2012 that Westie Rescue of New England got the call that there was an 8 year old male Westie that needed immediate help. Due to an expensive health issue his family had opted to have him euthanized. We knew that Baxter had a Pancreatic disorder but that was just the beginning. Soon after coming into rescue Baxter suffered a health crisis that revealed that he was a full blown diabetic with a thyroid problem.


We knew that his odds of finding a forever home were limited.


Baxter settled into our home and quickly became part of the family. There were frequent vet visits, weekly blood tests, special diets and  strict schedules but through it all he flourished. Baxter bonded with his  foster siblings, gained weight, enjoyed being involved in everything the family was doing, whenever I was cooking he was my assistant chef and whenever he heard the sewing machine he was right by my feet.


The best part, he was happy!


When Baxter was 10 1/2 we noticed he was having trouble getting around outside at night, within a month he was completely blind, he developed cataracts due to his diabetes. It was terrible to see him bumping into furniture and having trouble  navigating  around the house. We got a "Halo for Paws" vest made for him, it was magic, he did so well that after 2 weeks he only wore it when we had extra people in the house or we were in unfamiliar surroundings. It was funny to watch him at family gatherings maneuvering his way through 20 people to find his way right to the food! Baxter's favorite past time was "bird hunting" he would hear them in the bushes and as they flew way above his head he would run after them.


People say that its giving to be a foster Mom, there's no truth in that, my motives for fostering these beautiful little souls is completely selfish. You see  I love them all and  knowing I can make even the smallest difference for them gives me a joy like nothing else.


Baxter was a divine teacher, he showed that the glass is always half full, he always moved forward, he was strong and courageous, he was willing to try new things,  he enjoyed every day with the people he loved and his Westie siblings.


In November 2015 Baxter left us, you see he was an angel on loan to us from God. We will be together again some day and I will miss you everyday until then sweet boy. I am so grateful for the 3 1/2 years we had together I love you so...how much is so? Much, much more than you will ever know xo.



Molly is the perfect addition to our pack-O-westies. Chloe our 9 year old Westie girl passed on August 15th. It was one of the saddest times we ever went through.


We never would have thought that 9 months later, I'd be making the trip to pick up Molly and bring her home. The stars were aligned and it was meant to be.


Words can't describe how grateful we are for adopting little Molly. We made a donation in the full amount of her wellness/vet bill so your organization can re-purpose the money to help another pup find their furever home.

Before Adoption


Coco and Chanel

This mother daughter duo from Korea have found their new home! According to their adoptive parents: "They are loud, wake up too early, and the house is a wreck.....but we are in love. Chanel is a little ball of energy. She likes to be on the move. Coco is more content to lay low, and if possible, be cuddled. I have learned though that Coco is often the instigator when it comes to the extra loud greeting/warnings whenever we meet, see, or sense the presence of other dogs.  She's a sly one!"


They are well-loved and happy in their new home where the BIG Scotty personality is appreciated.


Rescue. Adopt. Love


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